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L U X U R Y    R E A L    E S T A T E
The characteristics that define luxury real estate differ among countries. However, location largely defines the property's value, especially with respect to whether it offers views (particularly, waterfront ones) or amenities such as proximity to golf courses, school districts, and the downtown district. Thus, a 750-square-foot waterfront home with less than 1-acre of property might be worth more than a 10,000-square-foot mansion with 10 acres of property.

Luxury real estate is often defined as real property that has an appraised value of over $1 million in the United States, yet this varies greatly depending on the location. The classification also takes into account the presence of surrounding homes, amenities, views, waterfronts, absence of crime-rate, industrialization or unwanted commercialization, customizations of the home, and historical or architectural significance.

F O R   T H E   L U X U R Y   S E L L E R S

Most real estate, by nature is local. The market for important or luxury real estate, however, can often be national or even global. Whether the ultimate buyer of your home is local, regional, national or international, Brittany's Luxury Marketing Plan is designed to deliver the right buyer at the maximum price.

Her expertise combined with her exclusive multi-media marketing program position your home in a way that meets the needs of today's most discerning home buyers. Brittany's exclusive Marketing Plan showcases your property in the multi-media program that includes appearance on thousands of websites that cater to affluent prospective buyers. These websites generate millions of unique visitors and over one billion page views each month. This aggressive marketing program provides her with what is frequently the most direct route to the right buyer at the right time and will present your home among an unsurpassed display of luxury homes including virtual tours, multiple photographs and detailed property information. 

F O R   T H E   L U X U R Y  B U Y E R S

Buying a luxury home is much different from the purchase of a first home. Luxury homes are labeled as luxury because of their architecture, interior design, location – and their higher prices. This means that you want to be doubly sure you have the right kind of professional help as you decide which luxury home and in what neighborhood.

The home buying process, particularly for luxury houses, requires a real estate guide who is well-versed in luxury home sales. Lenders and financial institutions look at luxury homes as specialty properties. They won’t be as easygoing about financing if you are not financially stable – or even well-off. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to work with a real estate agent who can deal with potential lenders to make your financing process a bit easier.

Often, luxury homes are located in tight-knit neighborhoods or communities where word of mouth works as fast as an official listing. It only makes sense to choose an agent who is well-connected in the community and in the luxury market, for the best chance at getting the home you desire.